Index of Authors

Vanden Bon, N.

Diamond-based Biosensors with an Impedimetric and Label-free Read-out

Vanden Bussche, K.M.

Simulation of Heat-Transfer Enhancement Effects in Microreactors

Vander Elst, L.

Imaging the Distribution of High Colloidal Stability Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles (MSNs) with PET and MRI

Vander Wal, R.L.

Nanocarbon Nanofluids: Comparisons Between Morphology and Nanostructure

Renewable Energy Technology Gains by Interfacial Engineering with Carbon Nanomaterials

Vanderhoeven, J.

Enhancement of DNA Microarray Hybridization using Shear-Driven Microfluidics

Vandevyver, C.

A Lab-on-a-Chip using Magnetic Droplets

VanDjinkin, J.

Rapid Detection of Multiple Myeloma using a microfluidic platform

Vandooren, A.

Heterogeneous Nano-electronic Devices Enabled by Monolithic Integration of IIIV, Ge, and Si to expand future CMOS functionality

Vanfleet, R.

Low-Z, Chemically Resistant, Microfabricated Carbon Composite Transmission Electron Microscope Grids

Shock Testing of Free Standing Silicon-Nitride and Beryllium Membranes

Ultrasonic Spraying of Carbon Nanotubes using NMP

Vangilder, J.

Statistical Analysis of Electroplated Indium (III) Sulfide (In2S3) Films, a Potential Buffer Material for PV (Heterojucntion Solar Cells) Systems, using Organic Electrolytes

Vanhummelen, P.

Enhancement of DNA Microarray Hybridization using Shear-Driven Microfluidics

Vanišc, J.

Thermoelectric properties of nanocomposite Bi2Te3 layers prepared by PLD

Vanka, K.

Computational Modeling of Ligands for Water Purification Nanocoatings

Vankar, V.D.

Enhanced Field Emission properties of Titanium decorated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

Vanko, G.

Micromechanical GaAs Thermal Convertor for Gas Sensors

Vanstreels, K.

Contact resistance modeling for NEMS ohmic relays using highly doped SiGe contact material

Varabhas, J.S.

Polymer Nanofibers from Multiple Jets Produced on a Porous Surface by Electrospinning