Index of Authors

Unione, A.

Rapid Hydrate Formation, A Process for Transport and Storage of Natural Gas

Ünlü, M.S.

High Resolution Backside Imaging and Thermography using a Numerical Aperature Increasing Lens

Ünlü, S.

Inelastic Light Scattering and Light Emission of Individual and Suspended Carbon Nanotubes

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Investigation of Different Heating Regimes of Laser-Assisted Cleaning using Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Uno, S.

Compact Models for Double Gate and Surrounding Gate MOSFETs

Electrostatic Potential Compact Model for Symmetric and Asymmetric Lightly Doped DG-MOSFET Devices

Electrochemical Detection of Alcohol using Enzyme Sensor with Chromatography Paper and its Potential Application as halal Sensor

Monte Carlo Simulation of Electrochemical Detection of Redox Molecules with Nanoscale Redoxcycling

Analytic and Numerical Modeling of Glucose-fueled Enzymatic Biofuel Cell Performance

Analytic Compact Model of Ballistic and Quasi-ballistic Cylindrical Gate-All-Around MOSFET Incorporating Drain-Induced Barrier Lowering Effect

Upadhya, V.

A Computational Framework for Modeling One-Dimensional, Sub-Grid Components and Phenomena in Multi-Dimensional Micro-Systems

Upadhyayula, V.K.K.

Screening Level Cradle to Grave Life Cycle Assessment of a Conceptual Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Display Device.

Uppal, S.

Si-Based Process Aware SPICE Models for Statistical Circuit Analysis

Uppala, A.

Design of a nano-mechanical beam based memory element

Uradu, O.

Magnetic Field-Induced Cyclizations of Amino-Esters and -Carbonates Bound to Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Uraoka, Y.

Control of Conducting Path in Resistive Memory Utilizing Ferritin Protein with Metal Nano Dot

Delivery of ferritin-encapsulated gold nanoparticles on desired surfaces

Urbach, W.

Studies of conformational changes induced in a carrier protein: Bovine serum albumin

Urbanek, A.

Hydrogen Recharge Dynamics and Vessel Design for Porous Silicon Storage Media

Urbano, R.R.

Photon up-conversion and magnetic properties of rare earths-doped NaYF4 nanoparticles