Index of Authors

Trauernicht, D.P.

Novel Microfluidic Jet Deflection: Significant Modeling Challenge with Great Application Potential

Trautmann, J.

Nano-Tecture: Developing Smart Skins in Architecture

Travis Johnson, W.

Attaching Biological Molecules to AFM Probes for Nanoscale Molecular Recognition Studies

Trebotich, D.

Modeling of Blood Flow in Simple Microchannels

Optimization of a MEMS Based Micro Capillary Pumped Loop for Chip-Level Temperature Control

A Numerical Model of Viscoelastic Flows in Microchannels

A Numerical Algorithm for Complex Biological Flow in Irregular Microdevice Geometries

A Computational Model with Experimental Validation for DNA Flow in Microchannels

A Higher-Order Approach to Fluid-Particle Coupling in Microscale Polymer Flows

Polymer Simulation in a Microfluidic Entropic Trap

Multiscale Rheology: New Results for the Kinetic Scale

Tregre, G.

Advanced p- and n-Dopable Polymer Supercapacitors

Treharne, A.

Approaches to surface-functionalised materials for biomedical applications

Treichel, H.

Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Improvement Through Advanced Cleaning Technology

Trekker, J.

Functionalized Inorganic Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications

Tremel, W.

NanoBio-Tools for Selective Activation of Toll-like receptors (TLRs)

Tretiak, S.

Control Synthesis of Functional Nanoassemblies using Langmuir-Blodgett Method

Tretyakov, Yu.

Laser diffraction study of inverse opals

Treviranus, I.

Comparing Nanorulers for Nanoparticles

Extending the Lifetime of Zeta Potential Electrodes