Index of Authors

Torres, K.

Boron Diffusion and Activation in Silicon in the Presence of Other Species

Torres, L.

Adsorption of Pb2+ using platinum and ruthenium on carbon nanotubes

Torres, P.

Density Functional Calculations as a Tool for the Characterization of Ultra Thin Organic Films: Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of RDX monolayers on glass substrates

Torres Górriz, B.

Fiber Optic Sensors for High Temperature Monitoring

Torres Orozco, C.

Preparation of Y3Al5O12:Eu3+ waveguide films by sol-gel method

Torres-Huerta, A.

Dispersed stabilized Pt nanoparticles synthesized from an organometallic precursor

Torres-Huerta, A.M.

Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of sponge-like nickel nanoparticles

Torres-Lugo, M.

Functionalization of Magnetite (Fe3O4) Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment

Studies of Ferrite Based Magnetic Nanoparticle Uptake and Magnetocytolysis Effects on Model Cell Cultures

Torri, G.

New nanostructured cellulose materials

Low molecular weight heparin-vectorized _-cyclodextrin nanostructures

Nanostructured cellulose materials: adsorption of antibiotics onto cellulose fibers functionalized with glycidylmethacrylate for the manufacturing of antibacterial fabrics

Torzewicz, T.

Boundary Condition Independence of Cauer RC Ladder Compact Thermal Models

Toschi, A.

Fabrication of size-tunable gold nanoparticles using plasmid DNA as a biomolecular reactor

Toshiyoshi, H.

Micro-Tip Assembled Metal Cantilevers with Bi-Directional Controlability

Tosun, I.

Effects of Solvents on Dissolution of Photoresist in Parylene Microchannels

Toth, A.

Mathematical modeling and computer simulation of Brownian motion and hybridization of nanoparticle-bioprobe-polymer complexes in the low concentration limit

Toth, K.

In Vivo Toxicity Study of Gold Composite Nanodevices for use in Imaging and Radiotherapy

Toth-Katona, T.

Liquid crystals doped by magnetic nanoparticles

Toublan, O.

Full-chip Process Simulation for Silicon DRC