Index of Authors

Tintori, O.

An Analytical Subthreshold Current Model for Ballistic Double-Gate MOSFETs

Compact Modeling of Threshold Voltage in Double-Gate MOSFET including Quantum Mechanical and Short Channel Effects

Compact modeling and performance analysis of Double-Gate MOSFET-based circuits

Compact modeling of drain current in Independently Driven Double-Gate MOSFETs

Tinttunen, T.

Static Equivalent Circuit Model for a Capacitive MEMS RF Switch

Tio Castro, D.

A transient circuit model for a phase change memory element

Tiquet, P.

On the behavior of non-Newtonian fluids in microsystems for biotechnology

Tironi, A.

Utilization of ceramic wastes as pozzolanics materials

Tirumala, S.

TCAD-based Process Dependant HSPICE Model Parameter Extraction

Process Aware Hybrid SPICE Models using TCAD and Silicon Data

Tirumala, V.R.

Biologically Functionalized Nanochannels on Ferroelectric Lead Zirconium Titanate Surfaces

Responsive Hydrogels as Model Materials to Study the Deformation Behavior of Patterned Polymer Nanostructures

Tischler, N.

Fast, robust and simple all optical far-field nano-positioning measurements

Tishkova, V.

Dispersing carbon nanotubes in polymer nanocomposites: detecting individually dispersed tubes

Unusual thermal diffusion of carbon nanotubes in a thermoplastic polymer

Correlating electrical and structural properties in surface layer of carbon nanotube polymer composite

Tisone, T.

Computational Studies of Membrane-Based Test Formats

Tisserand, C.

Passive Microrheology : Non Intrusive Measurement of the Emulsions Stability

Passive Microrheology : Non Contact Measurement of Viscoelastic Properties of Biopolymers

Physical stability of nanoparticle dispersion