Index of Authors

Tsutsumi, T.

Improved Compact Model for Four-Terminal DG MOSFETs

Compact Model for Ultra-Short Channel Four-Terminal DG MOSFETs for Exploring Circuit Characteristics

Device Parameter Extraction from Fabricated Double-Gate MOSFETs

Capacitance Model for Four-Terminal DG MOSFETs

Transition Point Consideration for Velocity Saturating Four-terminal DG MOSFET Compact Model

Construction of a Compact Modeling Platform and Its Application to the Development of Multi-Gate MOSFET Models for Circuit Simulation

Comparison of Four-terminal DG MOSFET Compact Model with Thin Si channel FinFET Devices

Source/Drain Edge Modeling for DG MOSFET Compact Model

Tsutsumi, Y.

Nano-Safety Science for ensuring safety of nanomaterials ~Biological assessment of silica nanoparticles focused on neutrophil~

Tsybeskov, L.

Nanocrystalline Silicon Superlattices for Nanoelectronic Devices

Tsyganok, B.

Modelling of Processes of Photoacoustic Diagnostic with Piezoelectric Detection

Tsyganov, I.A.

Computer Simulations and Experimental Study of Graphane-Like Materials Produced by Electrolytic Hydrogenation

Tsyntsaru, N.

Preparation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline GaP for Advanced Light Emissive Device Structures

Tu, C-H

Novel Plasmon Coupled Nanophotonic Devices and Sensors Based on Encapsulated 2-D Silver Nanoparticle arrays

Tu, J.-S.

The Interaction of Protein-Modified Nanodiamond with Bacterial Cells

Tu, R.

A Circuit Compatible Analytical Device Model for Nanowire FET Considering Ballistic and Drift-Diffusion Transport

Tu, Y.

Synthesis of uniform ZnO nanowire arrays over a large area

Tuantranont, A.

Micromachined Thermal Multimorph Actuators Fabricated by Bulk-etched MUMPs Process

Micromachined Piezoresistive Tactile Sensor Array Fabricated by Bulk-etched MUMPs Process

Detection of Plant Cell Compartments and Changes in Cell Dielectric due to Arsenic Absorption via Traveling Wave Dielectrophoresis