Index of Authors

Seipel, B.

Lattice Fringe Fingerprinting in Two Dimensions with Database Support

Seipenbusch, M.

Photochemical Alteration of the Stability of Polymer Nano-Agglomerates

Behaviour of Aerosol Nanoparticles Released into Simulated Workplace Environment

Seitz, O.

Nanopatterned coatings for advanced glass products

Šejnohová, R.

Determination of different metals using new microsensors diamond doped with boron (BDD) in wastewater

Sekalski, P.

Electromechanical System for Lorentz Force Compensation

SC Cavities Fast Tuning System Based on Piezoelectric Actuators

Sekar, S.

Highly Stable and Oppositely Charged Hybrid Nanoparticles/Tubes. Fine Tuning of Electro-steric interactions To Fabricate Functional Surfaces

Sekaric, L.

Diamond Materials for MEMS and NEMS Structures and Devices

Sekigawa, T.

Primary Consideration on Compact Modeling of DG MOSFETs with Four-terminal Operation Mode

Improved Compact Model for Four-Terminal DG MOSFETs

Compact Model for Ultra-Short Channel Four-Terminal DG MOSFETs for Exploring Circuit Characteristics

Device Parameter Extraction from Fabricated Double-Gate MOSFETs

Capacitance Model for Four-Terminal DG MOSFETs

Transition Point Consideration for Velocity Saturating Four-terminal DG MOSFET Compact Model

Comparison of Four-terminal DG MOSFET Compact Model with Thin Si channel FinFET Devices

Source/Drain Edge Modeling for DG MOSFET Compact Model

Sekioka, T.

Nanocrater Formation via Coulomb Explosion Initiated by Impingement of Highly Charged Xenon Ions with Silicon Surface

Sekiy, M.

Bridge a Gap between Nanotechnology R&D, Business and Public

Sekiya, M.

Comprehensive Approach for Nanotechnology R&D and Public Engagement