Index of Authors

Schneider, M.C.

PTAT voltage generator based on an MOS voltage divider

Charge-Based Threshold Voltage Definition for Undoped Single Gate and Symmetric Double Gate MOSFETs

A Setup for Automatic MOSFET Mismatch Characterization under a Wide Bias Range

MOSFET threshold voltage: definition, extraction, and applications

Schneider, P.

Stress Optimization of a Micromechanical Torsional Spring

Combination of Analytical Models and Order Reduction Methods for System Level Modeling of Gyroscopes

Schneider, R.

A pbpk model to elucidate processes governing distribution and excretion of polyacrylamide nanoparticles

Schneider, S.

Mono-component Silicone based Conformal Coating

Schneider-Hüther, I.

Forisomes: Mechano-Proteins that Exert Force in Contraction and Expansion

Schneider-Stock, R.

Thymoquinone nanoparticle formulation and in vitro efficacy

Schnupp, R.

Simulation of the Production of Functional Layers for Vibration Sensors for Tool State Monitoring and Finite Element Analysis of Mechanical Characteristics

Schnurre, S.M.

Gas-phase synthesis of highly-specific nanoparticles on the pilot-plant scale

Continuous synthesis of highly-specific silicon nanopowder on the pilot-plant scale

Schober, A.

A Novel Class of Sensors for System Integrative Concepts in Biotechnological Applications

Bioreactor with Integrated Nanosensor for the Recording of Extracellular Potential of Nerve Cells: Response oo Inhibitors Record with Algan/Gan Field - Effect Transistor

Micro bioreactor for muliwell plates with an active micro fluidic system for 3D cultivation

Pressure driven tough micro pump

MEMS based examination platform for a neuro-muscular communication in a co-culture system coupled to a multi-electrode-array

Schober, H.

First-Principles Molecular-Dynamics Simulations of a Hydrous Silica Melt: Hydrogen Diffusion Mechanisms and Electronic Properties

Schoelkopf, J.

Effect of local curvature on the interaction between hydrophobic surfaces