Index of Authors

Schadt, M.

Novel Sensing Array Nanomaterials: Molecularly-Mediated Assemblies of Nanoparticles

Schaefer, D.M.

Bio-Detection and Chemical Fingerprinting using the Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) Technology

Elastic Properties of Aspergillus nidulans Studied with Atomic Force Microscopy

Surface Modification of Perovskite Manganite Thin Films using Atomic Force Microscopy

Schaefer, J.A.

A Novel Class of Sensors for System Integrative Concepts in Biotechnological Applications

Schaeffer, M.

Leveraging the Nation’s Nanotechnology Research Centers: True interdisciplinary buildings foster a seamless transition from lab bench to consumer

Schaer, S.

Converting of Nanoparticles in Industrial Product Formulations: Unfolding the Innovation Potential

Schafer, R.

DNA detection using Laser Transmission Spectroscopy

Schafer, R.J.

MembraneChipTM : Arrays of Natively Displayed Membrane Targets for Novel Drug Discovery

Schäfer, S.

Investigation of the stabilisation mechanism of small ZnO quantum dots below 20 nm

Schäfer, W.

Design and Modelling of Optical Microsystems - An Approach to a User-Friendly System Integration Technique

Schäfers, M.

Granular magnetoresistance effects in systems with organic matrices

Schaich, W.L.

Viruses as Optical Probes

Schappacher, M.

Controlled Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes Wrapped in Amphiphilic Block Copolymers: Elaboration of Polymer Nanocomposite

Schär, S.

Dispersing Nanoparticles – The Key to Application

Schasfoort, R.B.M.

Modeling of FlowFET Characteristics

Schatz, F.

Adaption of the 3w-Method for Testing of MEMS

Schatz, O.

Simulation of Nonideal Behaviour in Integrated Piezoresistive Silicon Pressure Sensors

Schätzlein, A.

Modified glycol chitosan nanocarriers carry hydrophobic materials into tumours

Schatzlein, A.

Fast gelation of self-assembling peptide nanofibres triggered by electromagnetic radiation heating