Index of Authors

Sarno, M.

Synthesis of monodispersed MFe2O4 (M=Fe, Co, Ni) ferrite nanoparticles: effect of reaction temperature on particle size

ROMP of norbornene catalysed by Grubbs functionalized carbon nanotubes

Tribological properties of carbon nanotubes as lubricant additives

Influence of MWNT on the physical properties of polyethylene nanocomposites

Synthesis of polynobornene on catalyst functionalized-MWCNTs with a “grafting from” approach: The influence of the catalyst-MWCNT spacing

Sarraute, E.

Numerical and Analytical Modeling of the Piezoelectric Transformer and Experimental Verification

Analytical Modeling of Beam Behavior Under Different Actuations

Sarro, P.M.

High accuracy dual side overlay with wet anisotropic etching for HAR MEMS.

Sarrut, N.

On the stability length of fluid/liquid interfaces sustained by microfabricated pillars

Sartin, M.

Photogeneration Kinetics of Ag Nanoparticles in Light Sensitive Polymer Films

Sartori, S.

Biomimetic Polyurethanes for Regenerative Medicine

Biodegradable micro and nanoparticles for controlled drug release

Sartoris, G.

Modeling Semiconductor Optical Devices

Saruhan, B.

Pseudocapacitive random and aligned nano-porous electrode materials for supercapacitors

Sarvestani, A.S.

Enzymatically Degradable Hydrogel Nanocomposite for Bone Regeneration

Sasaki, T.

Molecular Switches of a Self-Assembling Helical Biladienone

Synthesis, Characterization and Electrical Conductivity of Metal/Metal ion Incorporated Fullerene Nanowhiskers

Advanced RO Membrane Technology Based on Scientific Research for Seawater and Brackish water Desalination

Sasaki, Y.

A Theoretical Study on Chemical Reaction of Water Molecules under Laser Irradiation: Ultra Accelerated Quantum Chemical Molecular Dynamics Approach

Sassano, D.

Three-Dimensional CFD-Simulation of a Thermal Bubble Jet Printhead