Index of Authors

Sadachika, N.

HiSIM-Varactor: Complete Surface-Potential-Based Model for RF Applications

Modeling of Floating-Body Devices Based on Complete Potential Description

HiSIM-HV: a complete surface-potential-based MOSFET model for High Voltage Applications

HiSIM-SOI: SOI-MOSFET Model for Circuit Simulation Valid also for Device Optimization

Compact Model HiSIM-DG both for Symmetrical and Asymmetrical DG-MOSFET Structures

High-Voltage MOSFET Model Valid for Device Optimization

Sadeghi, R.

Nanobiotechlogy: Applications in Food Science and Engineering

Preparation of BSA Nanoparticles by desolvation method as a delivery system for nutraceuticals

Biocompatible Nanotubes as potential Nanocarriers for hydrophobic model food and drug bioactives

Formation of complex nanoparticles from a spherical protein (BSA) and two polycations (PDL with two molecular weights) using coacervation method of the polyelectrolytes

Sadeghi, T.

Establishing a GMP manufacturing site for nanoparticles

Sadeghian, Z.

Fabrication of bulk Al-TiB2 nanocomposite by spark plasma sintering of mechanically alloyed powder

Sadeghpour, H.R.

Interaction of Laser Light and Electrons with Nanotubes

Sadiq, R.

Fabrication and Testing of a Miniaturised Water Quality Monitoring pH and Conductivity Sensors

Sadovoy, V.

Investigation of secondary electron emission of a monocrystal diamond for creation microchannel devices with high quantum efficiency

Sadowski, J.W.

Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance – A new technique to determine thickness and refractive index of thin and thick layers

Sadowski, M.

Computationally Efficient Dynamic Modeling of MEMS

Sadrifar, N.

Correlation of Microstructure and Tribological Properties of Dry Sliding Nanocrystalline Diamond Coatings

Sadrnejad, S.A.

Modelling the Stress Transfer in CNT Composite using Finite Element Method

Continuum Modeling the Behavior of Carbon Nanotubes in different load condition