Index of Authors

Sundaram, S.

Biochemical Binding in Microspheres-Based-Imunoassays

Coupling between Nanoscale and Microscale Modeling for MicroFluidic Devices

A Fokker-Planck Approach For Modeling Integrated NanoBio Systems

Numerical Simulation of Field Amplified Sample Stacking in Microfluidic System

A Fokker-Planck Approach For Modeling Integrated NanoBio Systems

Development and Characterization of a 2-D microchip-based Protein separation system.

Resolved Particle Simulations of Microsphere/Cell-based Bioanalytic Systems

Multiscale (Nano-to-Micro) Design of Integrated Nanobio Systems

A Multi-scale, Integrative Model of Cellular Electrophysiological Response Incorporating Intra/Extra-cellular Transport & Dynamics

Characterization of a Solid State DNA Nanopore Sequencer using Multi-Scale (Nano-to-Device) Modeling

A Computational Model for the Design of ElectroWetting On Dielectric (EWOD) Systems

Multi-scale, Mechano-biological Model of Nanoparticle Toxicity

Computational Proof-of-Concept of Next-Generation Nucleotide–Tunneling-Current-Based Nanopore Sequencing Devices

Simulation of Electrokinetic Flow and Analyte Transport in Nano Channels

Mixed-Methodology-Based System-Level Simulation of Biochemical Assays in Integrated Microfluidic Systems

A Continuous Particle/Cell Sorter Using Dielectrophoresis

Multi-physics Simulational Analysis of a Novel PCR Micro-Device

Numerical Analysis of Nanofluidic Sample Preconcentration in Hydrodynamic Flow

Sundaram, S.K.

Uniform Melt State Process For The Production Of Nanostructured Materials

Sundararaj, U.

Novel Metal Nanowire/Polymer Nanocomposites for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding