Index of Authors

Sun, Y.

Resonant Frequency Shift of Torsional Acutators due to Electrostatic Force

Microscope Slide Electrode Chamber for Nanosecond, Megavolt-Per-Meter Biological Investigations

Design and Development of Nano-reinforced Bonds and Interfaces

Electrocatalysis at a Thin Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube Film Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode

Fabry-Perot Diaphragm Fiber Optic Sensor (DFOS) for Acoustic Detection

Implementation of Comparison Function Using Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata

A Fan-in Bounded Low Delay Adder for Nanotechnology

Enabling renewable-energy driven reverse osmosis desalination using integrated compressed gas energy storage—bench-scale experiments and modeling

Sun, Y.S.

Re-dispersible ZrO2 powders for transparent high RI nanocomposite

Sun, Z.

Antiphase Design for Balanced Oscillators

Flexible Micropost Arrays For Studying Traction Forces Of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

Sunb, L.

A Markedly Cntrollable Adhesion of Superhydrophobic Sponge-like Nanostructure TiO2 Films

Sund, S.

Nano Silver – Why It is so Hot Now?

Effect of Size on Properties of Nano-Structured Polymers –Transition from Macroscaling to Nanoscaling

Role of Hard Segment Induced Nanosized Domain on Concentrated Solutions and Bulk Properties

Role of Hard Segment Induced Nanosized Domain on Dilute Solution Properties of Ether Based Thermoplastic Polyurethanes

Nanosilver – Why It is Still So Hot?

Sundara Rajan, S.

Quantum Dot Probes for Tracking Nerve Growth Factor Ligand-Receptor Dynamics in Live Neurons

Sundaram, R.M.

Morphology control of carbon nanotubes in continuously spun fibres

Sundaram, S.

Biochemical Binding in Microspheres-Based-Imunoassays