Index of Authors

Suh, H.-S.

Flexible Graphene Transistors via Printing Transfer

Suh, J.S.

CNTs-Insulator- Semiconductor System for Chemical and Biological Sensor Applications

Suh, K.

A Study on the Electrical Properties of Plasma Nitrided Oxide Gate Dielectric in Flash Memory

Suh, Y.K.

Instability and Dynamics of EHD Flow with Unipolar and Bipolar Charge Injection in an Annulus

Suib, S.L.

Nanostructure Formation of Platinum (Pt) Clusters on K-OMS-2 Manganese Oxide Paper by Reactive Spray Deposition Technique (RSDT) - CO Oxidation and Conductivity Measurements

Sujaoti, K.

Oriented Molecular Sieve Films by Heteroepitaxial Growth

Suk, H.J.

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)/Layered Silicate Nanocomposite Approaches for Organic Passivation Layers in Organic Thin Film Transistors

Suk, K-L

Novel Nanofiber Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACFs) with coupled conductive particles for Ultra Fine Pitch Electronic Packaging Applications

Sukharev, S.S.

Reconstruction of Load-Bearing Defects in Oncology by Using Nanomodification of Implants

The Evolution of Vievs of in vivo Use of Nanoparticles for Tumor Treatment

Multicomponent Coatings Improve the Biocompatibility of Load-bearing Implants

Diffusion of Nanoparticles through the Tissues in Experiment

Influence of Nanoparticles on the Nervous Tissue Properties

Atomic Force Microscopy as a Tool for Research in Oncocytology

Hybrid Nanoparticles Targeted by Antitumor Antibodies and Emitting Alpha-particles

Evaluation of Tools for Nanoparticles-modulated Hyperthermia by Atomic Force Microscopy

Visualization of Thyroid Cancer Signs by Atomic Force Microscopy

Sukwattanasinitt, M.

Layer-by-Layer Deposition of Chitosan/Polydiacetylene Vesicles for Convenient Preparation of Colorimetric Sensing Film

Sulchek, T.A.

A compact, low-power cantilever-based sensor array for chemical detection

Suleski, T.J.

Design of Silicon-based Leaky-mode Resonant Nanopatterned Devices Using Inverse Numerical Methods