Index of Authors

Subramaniam, V.

Fabrication of 1D nanochannels with thin glass wafers for single molecule studies

Subramanian, L.

The influence of surface termination on growth of cupper clusters

Subramanian, M.

Catalytic Biomass Reforming for Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Production

Subramanian, R.

Fabrication of impedimetric sensors for label-free Point-of-Care immunoassay cardiac marker systems, with microfluidic blood flow delivery, and results telemetry to PDA

Subramanian, R.V.

Potentiometric Biosensors Based on Silicon and Porous Silicon

Subramanian, Y.

A Compact Model for an IC Lateral Diffused MOSFET Using the Lumped-Charge Methodology

Compact Models for Smart Pixels with Smart Illumination

Compact Modeling of Avalanche Breakdown in pn-Junctions for Computer-Aided ESD Design (CAD for ESD)

Compact Modeling of Tunneling Breakdown in PN Junctions for Computer-Aided ESD Design (CAD for ESD)

Subramanya Mayya, K.

Uniform Nanoparticle based Monolayers Deposited by a Modified Spin Coating Technique

Suchanek, P.

MEMS Humidity Structure with Cantilever – Simulation of Behaviour

Sucher, N.J.

Preservation of DNA and Protein Biofunctionality for Bio-MEMS & NEMS Fabrication

Suda, T.

Molecular Communication

A molecular communication system using a network of cytoskeletal filaments.

Molecular Communication among Nanomachines Using Vesicles

Sudarsan, A.P.

Microfabrication of 3D Structures Using Novel Thermoplastic Elastomers

Sudarshan, T.S.

Densification and Grain Growth During the Sintering of Nanoscale SiC

Reduced bacterial attachment on surface modified hydrophobic fabric surface: a possible approach for safety enhanced packaging material

Suddaby, N.

Controlled Surfaces and Novel Polymers for Personal Care: Self-Assembly of Polymers and Surface Modification

Suddaby, N.A.

Self-Assembly of Polymers and NanoParticles in Personal Care Products