Index of Authors

Stucky, G.D.

Reversing Coagulopathy and Internal Hemorrhage with Functionalized Nanoparticles

Studart, A.R.

Tailoring the Surface Chemistry of Nanoparticles in Ceramic Processing

Studer, U.

Waste water is gold under our feet

Stueckle, T.

In Vitro Assessment of Nano-Cerium Oxide (nCeO2) and Nano-Ferric Oxide (nFe2O3) on Fibrogenic and Carcinogenic Potential

In vitro Model for Identifying Subchronic Carbon Nanotube Exposure and Lung Cancer Gene Markers

Role of Caveolin-1 in Carbon Nanotube-Induced Stem-Like Cells and Tumorigenesis

Stulemeijer, J.

The static behavior of RF MEMS capacitive switches in contact

Stumpf, R.

Ab-Initio Pseudopotential Calculations of Boron Diffusion in Silicon

Sturgis, J.

Synthesis and differential uptake of drug-decorated fluorescent nanoparticles by live cancer cells

Stursa, J.

Round Monodisperse Nanodiamonds: Towards Highly Bright, Biologically Inert Probes for Fluorescence Imaging

Stutzman, P.

Subsurface characterization of high dielectric nanostructures in low dielectric polymer matrix using Electric Force Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy

Direct Evidence of Nanoparticle Release from Epoxy Nanocomposites Exposed to 295 nm-400 nm UV Radiation

Stutzman, P.E.

Role of Nanoparticles in Life Cycle of Nanocomposites

Stuve, M.

Adhesive and Conductive – Inkjettable Nano-filled Inks for use in Microelectronics and Microsystems Technology

Stynoski, P.

Brittle Ductile Transition in Carbon Nanotube Bundles

Su, C-J

Synthesis and Characterization of Spiral Carbon Nanofibers Containing Pd Metal Cluster by using Pd2(dba)3 as Catalyst

Su, C-W

Nanotopography-controlled Cell Life and Death

Su, C.J.

An Chip-based-Instant Protein Micro Array Formation and Detection System

Su, C.Y.

A modified plasma arc gas condensation technique for the synthesis of tungsten oxide-based materials with various morphologies and structures

Su, H-W

Random Work Function Induced DC Characteristic Fluctuation in 16-nm High-k/Metal Gate Bulk and SOI FinFETs