Index of Authors

Stokbro, K.

TranSIESTA: A SPICE for Molecular Electronics

Crystalline Magnetotunnel Junctions: Fe-MgO-Fe, Fe-FeOMgO-Fe and Fe-AuMgOAu-Fe

First-principles Modeling of Magnetic Memory Components — Preliminary Results on the Effects of Interface Oxides

Bottom-up device simulations: modeling electrical currents on the atomic scale

Stokes, D.J.

High resolution Nanolithography using Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB SEM)

New Characterisation Techniques for the Study of Nanoscale Polymeric Systems in Two- & Three-Dimensions

Advanced CryoTEM and Tomography for Two- and Three-Dimensional Nano-Characterisation of Soft Matter

Characterisation of Native-State Soft Matter using ‘Multi-Mode’ Electron Microscopy

The Impact of Advanced S/TEM on Atomic-Scale Characterisation and Analysis

Focused Ion Beam machining of large and complex nanopatterns

Stokes, K.L.

Transport Properties For Carbon Nanotubes Under Hydrostatic Pressure

Stokes, R.J.

Fabrication of biosensor arrays by DPN and multiple target detection by triple wavelength fast SERRS mapping

Dye Coded Nanoparticle as SERRS Labels for Ultrasensitive Detection of Proteins and Antibodies

Stolc, V.

Hybrid MD-PNP Simulations of the Alpha-Hemolysin Open Ion Currents

Stoll, D.

Subcellular fractionation in a fluidic microsystem

Stoll, R.

Integrated Modeling of Optical MEMS Subsystems

Stolnik, S.

Polymer-based gene delivery system fabricated with the participation of a polyanion

Stoltenberg, R.

nanoCopper based solder-free electronic assembly material

Stolyarov, A.

Inelastic Light Scattering and Light Emission of Individual and Suspended Carbon Nanotubes

Stolyarov, D.

Novel 3D Graphene-Based Materials Prepared by Chemical Vapor Deposition: Process Development and Production Scaling-Up