Index of Authors

Sprague, J.

Growth of Copper on Ag(100) at Experimental Deposition Rates Using TAD

Spranger, P.

Fully Integrated Embroidery Process for Smart Textiles

Spratley, J.P.F.

Design of a Wireless Passive Microsensor for Injection into the Human Brain

Sprengard, J.

Novel nanocarbon-based, lightweight, flexible EMI shield

Sprenger, S.

Toughening mechanisms of nanoparticle-modified epoxy polymers

Sprenkle, V.

Design, Fabrication & Testing of a Ceramic Microreactor for Nanoparticle Synthesis

Springer, S.

Impact of Gate-Induced-Drain-Leakage current modeling on circuit simulations in 45nm SOI technology and beyond

Modeling of Gate Leakage, Floating Body Effect, and History Effect in 32nm HKMG PD-SOI CMOS

GIDL Current and Pass-Gate Body Potential Modeling in 22nm HKMG PD-SOI CMOS

Springer, S.K.

Elements of Statistical SPICE Models

Spulber, O.

Numerical Simulation and Analytical Modeling of Strong-Inversion Gate Capacitance in Ultra-Short (30nm) MOSFETs

Spuskanyuk, V.

A new technology for making advanced materials

Squiller, D.

Nickel-Zinc Rechargeable Batteries – the High Performance, Low Cost, Clean Solution for Hybrid Vehicles

Squires, S.

Sustainable and cost effective solar technology made from Tetrapod Quantum Dot Solar Cells

Sra, A.K.

Growth and characterization of CNT Forests using Bimetallic Nanoparticles as Catalyst

Srajer, V.

The Photocycle Movie of Photoactive Yellow Protein from Nanoseconds to Seconds

Sreenivas, K.

Influence of grain’s morphology and their distribution on surface, electronic and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Sn1-xCoxO2 Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

Sreenivasan, S.V.

Step and Repeat UV Imprint Process Technology for Wafer-Scale Nano-Manufacturing

Scalable Nanopatterning using Roll-based Jet and Flash Imprint Lithography

Sreeram, K.J.

Modulating the Near Infrared Reflective Properties of Metal Oxides for Surface Coating Applications