Index of Authors

Soos, M.

Scattering properties of dense clusters of nanoparticles

Influence of structural forces and contact hysteresis on flow-induced aggregation and breakage of polymer nanoparticles

Soper, S.A.

Uncoil long DNA molecules in nanoposts array

Soper, S.C.

Nanofluidic Channel Based Single Molecular Sensors in Polymer Substrate Fabricated by Novel Nanoimprinting Processes

Sopousek, J.

Bimodal size distributed silver nanoparticles on copper substrate: in situ heat treating under air and protective atmospheres

Sorada, H.

Modeling of FET Flicker Noise and Impact of Technology Scaling

Sorba, L.

AFM Anodization Studied by Spectromicroscopy

Sorce, B.

Nanomaterials can influence living biological systems with nanometer sensitivity

Cell Culture Media elicit a different dynamic Formation of Protein-NP Complexes: Effects on the Cellular Response

Sorensen, C.M.

Agglomerates and Aggregates: Number and Size of Primary Particles from in-situ Mass-Mobility Measurements

Sörensen, O.

Development of a Slug-Flow PCR Chip with Minimum Heating Cycle Times

Sorge, J.A.

Computational Principles of Primer Design for Site Directed Mutagenesis

Sorge, K.D.

SC-15 Epoxy Reinforced with Magnetic Nanofillers under Uniform Magnetic Field – An Investigation of Anisotropic Physical Properties

Sorokulova, I.B.

Nanofabrication of Bioselective Materials using Diverse Nanolandscapes Displayed on Live Viruses

Landscape phage libraries as a source of bioselective nanomaterials

Sorsa, J.

Nanobiopore: A Novel Nano-Porous Electrode System to Enhance Biosensor Sensitivity

Sotiriou, G.A.

Silica-coated Ag nanoparticles by scalable flame technology

Antibacterial activity of flame-made Ag/SiO2 nanoparticles

Plasmonic Biosensors with biocompatible nanosilver

Color tunable nanophosphors