Index of Authors

Song, Y.

Computation Efficient yet Accurate Surface Potential Based Analytic Model for Symmetric DG MOSFETs to Predict Current-Voltage Characteristics

Analytic Modeling of BioFET as a pH Sensor

Fetal Movement Detection Based on MEMS Accelerometer

Design and Fabrication of a Large Scale Electric Field Array Device for Directed Self-Assembly of Multilayer BioDerivatized Nanoparticle Materials.

Song, Y.A.

Rapid Metallization of Silver and Copper Nano Inks by Surface Wave Plasma Sintering

Song, Y.L.

MEMS-Based MHz Integrated Ultrasonic Nozzles with Applications to Micro/Nano Technologies

Song, Z.

FEM Simulation for demolding process in thermal imprint lithography

Soni, G.

Wicking Study of Nanostructured Titania Surfaces for Flat Heat Pipes

Soni, S.

The Intracellular Co- localizations of Different Size of Gold Nanoparticles

Sonkawade, R.G.

The Effect of Oxygen Beam (O+7,100 MeV) and Gamma Irradiation On Polypyrrole Thin Film

Sonkusale, S.R.

Wafer Scale Aligned Sub-25nm Metal Nanowires on Silicon (110) using PEDAL Lift-off Process

Sonnenberg, A.

Detection of Cancer Related DNA Nanoparticulate Biomarkers and Nanoparticles in Whole Blood

New High Conductance DEP Devices for Detection of Cancer Related DNA Nanoparticulate Biomarkers and Nanoparticles in Whole Blood

Isolation and Detection of Cancer Related DNA Nanoparticulate Biomarkers Directly from CLL Patient Blood “Rapid Sample to Sequence Diagnostics”

Sonnenfeld, A.

Flowability Modification of Fine Powders by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

Surface modification of powders and nanostructure deposition in the afterglow of a low power barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure

Nanoscale Plasma Surface Modification of Powders

Sonois, V.

Vibrational spectroscopy of nanoscale needle shaped histamine

Raman study and DFT calculations of amino acids

Soong, R.K.

Evaluating Adhesion Strength of Biological Molecules to Nanofabricated Structures