Index of Authors

Soldatov, A.

Characterization of Aluminum Nitride Nanostructures by XANES and FTIR Spectroscopies with Synchrotron Radiation

Soldatov, E.

Molecular Nanocluster Electronics: Organized Superstructures at Nanoscale and New Functional Nanomaterials

Soldi, A.

Residual Stress Modeling in Quantum Dots

Residual Stress Modeling in Quantum Dots

Soleimani, S.

Three-Dimensional High-order Nano-rod Formation Using a Hydrogen-assisted Deep Reactive Ion Etching

Solgaard, O.

Mechanical Nonlinear Generation with Coupled Torsional Harmonic Cantilevers for Sensitive and Quantitative Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of Material Characteristics

Soliman, G.

Celastrol-Based Nanomedicines as Modulators of Neuroinflammation

Soliman, G.M.

Non-invasive Lesion Imaging and Delivery of Nano-Therapeutics to the Ischemic Brain

Solis, C.D.

Effects of Non-radiative energy transfer processes on the visible upconversion in ZrO2:Yb3+/Er3+ nanocrystals

Solís Correa, H.E.

Ozonolysis of Indigo: A ab initio study

Solís-Correa, H.

Heterogeneous Catalyzed Oxidative Degradation of Indigo: A Theoretical and Experimental Study

Šollová, K.

Preparation of Photocatalytic Silicon Core-shell Nanoparticles Covered by ZnS Shell in Solid-Gas Reaction

Solomon, B.

Filamentous Bacterial Viruses Break Down Amyloid Plaques in an Animal Model of Alzheimer’s Disease – A Novel Therapeutic Avenue

Soloveichik, G.

Enhanced fuel cell performance with modified Nafion® membranes

Soloviev, O.

Y-nano X-micro Technologies: nanometric optical control

Improvement of dynamic features of an adaptive optical system for detection and correction of ophthalmic distortions

Soltanieh, M.

Preparation and characterization of SAPO-34 nanoparticles-mixed matrix membranes (MMM) via combined phase separation method for CO2/CH4 gas separation application

Solzbacher, F.

FEA Simulation of Thin Film Coils to Power Wireless Neural Interfaces

Biocompatible Hybrid System Integration of Silicon Based Neural Interface Device

Som, C.

Safe nanotextiles from a life cycle perspective