Index of Authors

Soininen, P.J.

Picosun SUNALE™ ALD process tools for nanoscale coatings – seamless transition from R&D to industrial production

Sokhansanj, B.A.

Building and Testing Scalable Fuzzy Models of Genetic Regulation in Bacteria

Sokolov, I.

Loss of Elasticity of Ageing Epithelial Cells, and Its Possible Reversal

Self-Assembly of Fluorescent Silica (glass) Beads

Fluorescent Silica Beads for Detection of Cervical Cancer

Sokolov, M.E.

Cobalt Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayer Formation

Sokolov, V.M.

Nanopowder net-shaping for manufacturing nanostructured ceramics

Sokolov, V.V.

Dynamics of Magnetic Nanofluids with Frozen-in Magnetization

Ultrasound absorption in magnetic nanofluids

Acoustic – Electromagnetic Transformation in Magnetic Nanofluids

Sokolova, Z.

Biochip-Based Test System for Cancer Diagnostics. Simultaneous Quantitation of Total and Free Forms of Prostate-Specific Antigen

Solá, L.

Growth Kinetics of Gold Nanoparticles

Real Time Kinetic Measurements of Silver Nanocluster Growth

Sola, L.

Raman Spectroscopy Study of SOx Species Adsorbed on Au Nanocluster Surfaces

Polydisperse Mixture of Gold Nano-Particles

Growth Kinetics of Gold Nanoparticles in Reverse Micelles

Reduction of the Hydrophobicity of Thiol-ene Microfluidic Devices Using an Adsorbed Polymeric Coating

Development of a high sensitivity fluorescence immunoassay for Amyloid Beta 42 by a silicon microarray platform

Solanki, R.

Bulk Heterojunction Organic-Inorganic Photovoltaic Cell Based on Doped Silicon Nanowires

Solans, C.

Emulsions as Templates for Nanostructured Materials