Index of Authors

Sabet, S.M.

Effect of Dispersion Conditions on the Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Functionalized Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Vinyl Ester

Sabiryanov, R.F.

Nanopatterning of Periodically Strained Surfaces - A Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation Study

Sablon, K.

Efficient broadband conversion via quantum dots with built-in charge

Saboowala, H.

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Adsorption from Microemulsions and Surfactant Micellar Solutions at Solid-Liquid, Liquid-Liquid and Gas-Liquid interfaces

Sabouret, E.

Bonding Pad Resistance. A Combined Approach

Sabui, S.K.

Quantum Dots for Multimodal Bioimaging and Sensing Applications

Sacchetti, C.

Nanosystem for targeting Treg in vivo

Sachar, S.

Evidence for a direct interaction between poly-dispersed single-wall carbon nanotubes and murine erythrocytes resulting in in vitro and in vivo cytotoxicity

Sachdev, V.

Enrichment of serum phosphopeptide by nanoparticles to identify cancer biomarker

Sachdeva, S.

Iron oxide nanoparticles reinforced self-assembled monolayers of cystamine for use in enzymatic biosensor development

Minimal-dose cancer chemotherapy: Anti-cancer drugs loaded nanodevices towards time, site, and organ-specific releases for development of personalized nanomedicine

Sacher, E.

Superhydrophobic ZnO nanotowers

Sachid, A.

Analytical Surface Potential Calculation in UTBSOI MOSFET with Independent Back-Gate Control

Sachse, S.

Assessment of release and toxicity of NP from silicon-based polymer composites in a life cycle perspective

Sacks, E.

MEMS Functional Validation Using the Configuration Space Approach to Simulation and Analysis

Computer-Aided Kinematic Design of a Torsional Ratcheting Actuator

Sadachika, N.

RF-MOSFET Model Parameter Extraction with HiSIM

The Surface-Potential-Based model HiSIM-SOI and its Application to 1/f Noise in Fully-Depleted SOI-MOSFETs

Advanced Compact MOSFET Model HiSIM2 Based on Surface Potentials with a Minimum Number of Approximation

HiSIM2.4.0: Advanced MOSFET model for the 45nm Technology Node and Beyond