Index of Authors

Shvartzer, R.

Passive Light Power Control Enbaled by Nanotechnology

Shyaka, J.

Large area graphene sheets synthesized on a bi-metallic catalyst system

Si, M.

InGaAs FinFET Modeling Using Industry Standard Compact Model BSIM-CMG

Si-Ahmed, L.

Silver Nanoparticles Synthesis from Highly Concentrated Solutions

Sia, C.B.

A Simple and Scalable Model for Spiral Inductors on Silicon

Sia, E.K.

Simulation and Optimum Design of Finline/Slotted Line Millimeter Wave Antenna

Broadband Millimeter Wave Finline Antenna Simulation and Performance

Modeling of Antipodal/BCSSS Transition for Millimeter Wave Finline High Q Local Injected Mixer

Siao, Y-J

Theoretical Studies in Epitaxial Stabilization of ZnO-based Light-emitting Semiconductors

Siciliano, P.

Batch Fabrication of Microsensor Arrays by TiO2 Nanoparticle Beam Deposition

Sick, J.-H.

Investigation of the Piezoresistive Properties of Nano Structured Amorphous Carbon for Force Sensor Applications

Sicking, F.

Welcome to Nanotech Germany, Research in Germany - Land of Ideas

Sickinger, H.

Design and Modelling of Optical Microsystems - An Approach to a User-Friendly System Integration Technique

Siddhapara, K.

Study of Photocatalytic activity and properties of Transition metal ions doped Nanocrystalline TiO2 prepared by Sol-Gel Method

Siddhaye, S.S.

Mixed-Methodology-Based System-Level Simulation of Biochemical Assays in Integrated Microfluidic Systems

Siddiq, M.

Nanomagnet Logic - From Concept to Prototype

Siddiqi, S.

Novel Carbon-Aluminum Materials

Siddique, S.

Viscosity measurements of PEO solutions by AFM with long nanowires

Siddiqui, M.N.

Recycling of Waste Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) into Feedstock Monomers

Sidek, O.

Simplified Half-Flash CMOS Analog-to-Digital Conveter