Index of Authors

Shin, J.K.

Compact Electromagnetic XY Stage with Nano Scale Resolution and Vibration Resistance

Shin, J.M.

Reduction-sensitive hyaluronic acid nanoparticles for targeted intracellular deliery of doxorubicin

Shin, K.

Fabrication of Active Digital Microfluidic Paper Chips with Inkjet-printed Patterned Electrodes and their Point-of Care Biomedical Application

Shin, K.-Y.

Reliability Evaluation of Inkjet-Printed Silver Patterns for Application to Printed Circuit Board

Shin, M.K.

Ferritin-based Hybrid Nanofibers with Magnetic Properties

Shin, S-M

An Integrated Pressure Sensor with High Performance

Shin, S.

Lumped Modeling of Thermal Inkjet Print Head

Shin, S.J.

Lumped Modeling of Thermal Inkjet Print Head

Shin, S.K.

Single dot luminescence characteristics of CdSe/ZnS core-shell structured quantum dots with different ligands

Shin, S.R.

Modeling hysteresis and creep characteristics of a carbon-nanotube-reinforced electroactive actuator.

Shin, S.Y.

Uniqueness of intraband plasmon dispersion of a single layer graphene

Shin, W.

Simulation and Modeling of a Bridge-type Resonant Beam for a Coriolis True Mass Flow Sensor

Shin, Y-H

Functional nanowire microscopy tip

Shin, Y.A.

Measurement of Structural and Mechanical Property of Live Mesangial Cell (MC) by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

Shin, Y.K.

Atomistic Simulations of Biomolecules at the Water‐Amorphous Silica Interface: Application to Peptides and DNA Oligomers

Static and Dynamic Properties of the Electrical Double Layer Near Amorphous Silica: Relevance for Device Design

Shin, Y.S.

Highly Efficient Electro-permeabilization of Mammalian Cells Using Micro-electroporation Chip

Conjugation of DNA to Streptavidin-coated Quantum Dots for the Real-time Imaging of Gene Transfer into Live Cells

In Situ Investigation of Uptake Phenomena of Biological Molecules and Silica Nanoparticles into Mammalian Cells in Microstructures

Shina, S.

Investigation of Lead-free Nanosolder Reflow and Wettability Property for Electronics/Nanoelectronics Assembly and Packaging