Index of Authors

Shile, R.

Dip Pen Nanolithography®: A Maturing Technology for High-Throughput Flexible Nanopatterning

Commercially Available High-Throughput Dip Pen Nanolithography®

Shillor, M.

Design and Fabrication of a Metallic MEMS Gripper Using Electro-Thermal V-Shape and Modified U-Shape Actuators

Shim, D-H

Nonlinear Micromachined Flexure for Stiction Reduction

Shim, D.

A Novel Approach to Integrate Multiple Frequencies of Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators (FBAR) In A Single Chip

Shim, H-C

Chirality Separation of single walled carbon nanotube using microfluidic

Shim, H.-K.

Synthesis and Thin-Film Transistor Performance of Fluorene-based Copolymers Containing Thiophene Moieties Having Different Position of Alkyl Side Chain

Shim, H.C.

Fabrication and characterization of optoelectric device using CdSe nanocrystal quantum dots/single-walled carbon nanotubes heterostructure

Shim, I-B

In vitro & in vivo toxicity of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles for application to magnetic hyperthermia

Shim, J.

Identification of PCR Product by double-strand DNA Denaturation using Label-free Field-effect Transistor

Shim, J.K.

Amphiphilic Self-assembled Nanoparticles Composed of Chitosan and Ursolic Acid for Protein Delivery on the Skin

Shim, J.S.

Self Aligned Multi-Layer Nano-Gap Electrodes for Fluidic and Magnetic Assembly of Carbon Nanotubes

Shim, S.

Pressure dependence of phase transition of organic material, 9,10-di(2-naphthyl)anthracene (ADN), under vacuum

Shimamura, S.

Monte Carlo Simulation Study of Mechanical Properties of Au Nanowires

Shimizu, H.

Studies on Photothermal Effect in Nanofluidic Channel Toward Ultrasensitive Detection of Nonfluorescent Molecules Using Differential Interference Contrast Thermal Lens Microscope

Shimizu, T.

Symbolic Finite Element Analysis for Parametric Studies

Shimizu, Y.

Nano-Structured C60-SAM Formed on Ultrathin Au Films/MgO Single Crystal

Shimpi, P.

Low temperature synthesis and characterization of large scale ZnMgO nanowire architectures

Shin, C.-J.

Phosphate recognition using multilayer charged thin films containing zirconium (Zr) ions for biochip applications

Shin, D-H

Chirality Separation of single walled carbon nanotube using microfluidic