Index of Authors

Roy, A.S.

Theory of source-drain partitioning in MOSFET

Compact Modeling of Noise in non-uniform channel MOSFET

Roy, K.

Step and Flash Imprint Lithography for the Fabrication of Shape-specific, Enzymatically-triggered, Drug Nanocarriers

SiRNA for Therapeutic Immuno-modulation: Simultaneous Delivery of Cytokine-targeted SiRNA and DNA Antigens to Dendritic Cells using Polymer Microcarriers

Efficient siRNA Delivery by Secondary and Tertiary Amine Modified Polysaccharides

Roy, M.

The influence of technique on the measured particle size distribution of complex nanoparticle systems

Roy, P.

Smog Analysis in Urban Areas Using ASTER Data and Its Analysis of Variance with In-Situ Sensors Data

Roy, R.

Polyol–clay matrices with improved hydrophilic character and affinity towards CO2 - Attempts to CO2 concentration at room temperature

Metal Organo-Clays as potential adsorbents for hydrogen storage

Roy, S.

Modeling of SiC Lateral Resonant Devices Over a Broad Temperature Range

RuO2 and Ru Nanoparticles for MISiC-FET Gas Sensors

Design, Fabrication & Testing of a Ceramic Microreactor for Nanoparticle Synthesis

Carbon Nanotube Interfaces for Single Molecular Level Bio Sensing

Formal Verification of a MEMS Based Adaptive Cruise Control System

Electron irradiation induced stuructural changes in nickel nanorods encapsulated in carbon nanotubes

A facile block copolymer inclusion technique for large scale monodisperse hexagonal arrays of superparamagnetic iron oxides nanodots

Metal Induced Intershell Coupling and Conductance Enhancement in Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

Roy, S.S.

Evidence of surface defects in ultrathin tetrahedral amorphous carbon films probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy

Carbon nanostructures grown with electron and ion beam methods

Roy Choudhury, N.

Self Healing Hybrid Coating for Aggressive Environment