Index of Authors

Rouault, H.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries For Wireless Smart Designs

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries For Wireless Smart Designs

Rouhi, N.

Fabrication and Modeling of CNT Field-Emission Devices

Effect of Source, Surfactant, and Deposition Process on Electronic Properties of Nanotube Arrays

Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors using Printed Semiconducting Tubes

Rouillon, F.

Experimental evaluation of individual protection devices against nanoaerosols:

Roukes, M.L.

Frequency Stability and Noise Characteristics of Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Nanoelectromechanical Resonators

Rouse, R.

PatGen DB – A Consolidated Genetic Patent Database Implementing Standard Data Mining Resources

Rousseau, R.

Phase Stability and Thermoelectric Properties of Alkali-Metal Doped Group IV Clathrate Compounds

Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study of the Pressure Induced Phase Transformations in Cristobalite

Roussel, L

High resolution Nanolithography using Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIB SEM)

Roussel, L.

Focused Ion Beam machining of large and complex nanopatterns

Roussel, T.

An Atomistic Simulation Study of Carbon Nanostructure Growth in the Porosity of Different Zeolites

A Grand Canonical Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Textural, Mechanical and Adsorption Properties of Faujasite zeolite Carbon Replica

Roussel, T.J.

The Self-Assembly of Nano-Objects code (SANO-Grid) using Grid Interpolation technique: Application to epitaxial organic monolayers adsorbed on metal surfaces

Roussow, C.R.

Exploring the Structure-Function Relationship in Multifunctional Nanoparticles

Rout, B.

Enhanced UV Light Emission in Silicon nanoparticles

Routkevitch, D.

Nanostructured Gas Microsensor Platform

Nano- and Microfabricated Products from Self-Organized Anodic Alumina

Rouvellou, B.

Interfacial Effect in Fe/ InGaAs Magnetism