Index of Authors

Roth, S.V.

Correlated roughness in polymer film containing magnetic nanoparticles

Roth, U.

Nanosecond Range Heating and Temperature Measurement on Thin Layers Experiment and Simulation

Rothberg, L.J.

Rapid DNA Sequence Identification based on Electrostatic Interactions with Unmodified Gold Nanoparticles

Label Free Colorimetric Detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Pcr Amplified Genomic DNA

Rothenbacher, S.

Photochemical Alteration of the Stability of Polymer Nano-Agglomerates

Rothrock, G.D.

Life cycle considerations for engineered nanomaterials: A case study for nano-enabled coatings on drywall

Rothschild, A.

Microsphere templating as means of enhancing the sensitivity of thin film metal-oxide gas sensors

Electrospun TiO2 nanofibers for gas sensing applications

Rothschild, W.G.

Modeling and Mass-Distance Scaling of a Nanometer Starburst Polymer

Rotkin, S.V.

Simulation of Carbon Nanotube-based Nanoelectromechanical Switches

Principles of Metallic Field Effect Transistor (METFET)

The Influence of DNA Wrapping on SWNT Optical Absorption in Perpendicular Polarization

Rotstein, R.

Broadband infrared reflecting thin films inspired by quasi-ordered photonic structures in squid tissue

Rottenberg, X.

High-Stability Numerical Algorithm for the Simulation of Deformable Electrostatic MEMS Devices

Passive Temperature-Compensation of MEM Resonators

Low Motional Impedance Bulk Acoustic Resonators Based on Metamaterials

Novel Nanoelectromechanical Relay Design Procedure for Logic and Memory Applications

Transmit and Receive of a cMUT Cell: Modeling and Experiments

Optimization of a Poly-SiGe MEMS Xylophone Bar Magnetometer based on its equivalent circuit

Rouabah, H.A.

Design Optimisation of an Electrostatic MEMS Actuator with Low Spring Constant for an “Atom Chip”