Index of Authors

Rodthongkum, N.

Comparisons of electrochemical sensors for heavy metals detection based on filter paper and transparency film substrate

Roeling, C.

Polarisation stabilisation of telecom lasers by minimally-invasive direct-write focused electron beam induced deposition

Roellig, M.

A Novel In-situ Force Measurement Method for Real Solder Joints Fatigue Evaluation

Roesch, E.B.

Increasing the Thermal Stability of Self-Assembling DNA Nanostructures by Incorporation of isoG/isoC Base Pairs

Roeser, T.

Lab-on-chip for the isolation and characterization of circulating tumor cells

Roesser, T.

Comparison of the Efficiency of Different Methods for the Lysis of Cells in Lab-on-Chip Systems

Roest, A.L.

III-V semiconductor nanowires grown on silicon for vertical devices

Roger, C.

Arkema Inc. Graphistrength (tm) Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

Roger, F.

Predictive and Calibrated Simulation of Doping Profiles: Low Energy As, B and BF2 Ion Implantation

Si-Based Process Aware SPICE Models for Statistical Circuit Analysis

Rogers, C.

Micromachined Force Sensors for Characterization of Chemical Mechanical Polishing

Rogers, J.

Surface Modification of Al203 Fiber with Nanoparticles Using a Dry Mechanical Coating Technique

Rogers, J.A.

Simulation and Fabrication of Large Area 3D Nanostructures

Rogers, J.T.

Differential Cytotoxicity of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles

Rogers, P.H.

Nanomaterials-Enabled Photonic and Chemiresistive Sensing of Chemicals and Biochemicals

Roh, K.M.

Ti-based nanocrystallites formation by high-energy milling

Rohde, M.

Laser Induced Surface Modification of Ceramic Substrates for Thermal and Electric Lines in Microsystems: Modeling Compared to Experiment

Rohl, A.L.

Realistic Modeling of Complex Surface Processes

Rohracher, K.

Local Synthesis of CuO Nanowires on CMOS Microhotplates for Gas Sensing Applications

Roig, J.

Compact Model of Multiple-gate SOI MOSFETs