Index of Authors

Richie, D.

Multiscale Detection of Temporal Features in Molecular Dynamics Simulations:Applications to Acceleration Methods

Richie, D.A.

Thermodynamic Processes of Si-interstitial Clusters

Richman, R.H.

Nanotechnology – Disruptive Technologies for Electric Utility Systems. Challenges and Opportunities.

Richmond, C.

Molecular Recognition on Demand

Richter, C.A.

Metrology Development for the Nanoelectronics Industry at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Richter, J.

Increased Piezoresistive Effect in Crystalline and Polycrystalline Si Nanowires

Round Monodisperse Nanodiamonds: Towards Highly Bright, Biologically Inert Probes for Fluorescence Imaging

Rickard, A.

Electrostatic Tuning of a Micro-Ring Gyroscope

Rickerby, D.

Increasing the Efficiency of Photocatalytic Water Treatment with Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles by Control of Crystal Shape

Ricketts, A.

Creation of an Aptamer Nanobiosensor for Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Heart Failure.

Ricks, E.

Evolving Molecular Force Field Parameters for Si and Ge

Rickus, J.

Multi-scale Drug Release Modeling for Targeted Oral Drug Delivery (TODD)

Rico, M.

Fabrication of superhydrophobic nanostructured films by Physical Vapour Deposition

Ricoul, F.

Numerical Modeling of Ferrofluid Flow Instabilities in a Capillary Tube at the Vicinity of a Magnet

Rideau, D.

Embedded non–volatile memory study with surface potential based model

Dynamic Charge Sharing modeling for surface potential based models

Modeling study of capacitance and gate current in strained High--K Metal gate technology: impact of Si/SiO2/HK interfacial layer and band structure model

Advanced physics for simulation of ultrascaled devices with UTOXPP Solver

Rider, D.

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Small Diameter, Controlled Density and Defined Locations Produced from Catalyst-Containing Polymer Films

Rider, R.J.

A Neural Network Approach for the Identification of Micromachined Accelerometers