Index of Authors

Reschiglian, P.

A flow-assisted point-of-care testing device based on gravitational field-flow fractionation for analysis on biological fluids

Reshetnyak, Y.K.

Injection of Molecules into Cells using a pH-Triggered Molecular Nanosyringe

Resheto, I.V.

Hybrid Nanoparticles Targeted by Antitumor Antibodies and Emitting Alpha-particles

Reshetov, I.V.

Reconstruction of Load-Bearing Defects in Oncology by Using Nanomodification of Implants

The Evolution of Vievs of in vivo Use of Nanoparticles for Tumor Treatment

The Nucleolus and Cellular Stress: Analysis by Coherent Phase Microscopy

Multicomponent Coatings Improve the Biocompatibility of Load-bearing Implants

Diffusion of Nanoparticles through the Tissues in Experiment

Influence of Nanoparticles on the Nervous Tissue Properties

Atomic Force Microscopy as a Tool for Research in Oncocytology

Evaluation of Tools for Nanoparticles-modulated Hyperthermia by Atomic Force Microscopy

Visualization of Thyroid Cancer Signs by Atomic Force Microscopy

Resmi, M.R.

Synergistic effect of Cobalt and Nitrogen doping on Anatase Titania for Photodegradation under Visible light

Resnick, D.J.

Step and Flash Imprint Lithography Using UV-transparent, Electrically Conductive Templates

Scalable Nanopatterning using Roll-based Jet and Flash Imprint Lithography

Resnik, D.

Self Aligned Gate JFETs for Smart MEMS

Ress, S.

Thermo-Mechanical Characterization and Integrity Checking of Packages and Movable-Structures

Ressel, B.

AFM Anodization Studied by Spectromicroscopy

Resto, O.

Photoluminescence and Photoluminescence Excitation Measurements of Eu-Doped Nano-Si/SiO2 Thin Films

Restrepo, D.

Bacterial Cellulose Nanocomposites Developed by in-situ Fermentation