Index of Authors

Ray, S.

Monolithic CMOS MEMS technology development: A piezoresistive-sensors case study

Ray, T.

Continuous Flow Real-Time Pcr Platform for High Throughput Environmental Monitoring

Raychaudhuri, S.

Jet-printed Si nanowires for flexible backplane applications

Raymond, C.

Mathematical Modeling for Immunocolloid Labeling

Raymond, O.

Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Structures with Two and Three-Region Gate Dielectric Containing Silicon Nanocrystals: Structural, Infrared and Electrical Properties

Rayms-Keller, A.N.

Understanding Conduction Mechanisms in Nano-Structures

Raynolds, J.

Nano-scale Material by Design

Raza, A.

Modified glycol chitosan nanocarriers carry hydrophobic materials into tumours

Razavi, S.H.

Biocompatible Nanotubes as potential Nanocarriers for hydrophobic model food and drug bioactives

Re, F.

NAD-Nanoparticles for Therapy and Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease

‘Sink effect’ of dually-decorated nanoliposomes on Abeta clearance

Re, G.

Hydrogen permeation in pipeline steels

Rea, G.

A RC-based biosystem for measuring anti-oxidizing power

Rea, K.

Plasma Manufacturing of Near-Net-Shape Large Scale Nanocomposite Structures – A Potential Bulk Nanofabrication Tool

Read, D.T.

Thermal Cycling of 300 nm Buried Damascene Copper Interconnect Lines by Joule Heating

Reading, K.

Raman Spectroscopy resolution limits overcome with nanoscale thermal analysis for complete Polymer Blend Characterization

Reardon, E.J.

Behaviour of mesoporous silica (MCM-41) supported catalysts in degradation reactions

Rebelo, S.L.H.

Magnetically Recyclable Nanocatalysts: Eco-friendly Solutions for Green Catalysis

Reber, J.

Stress Measurement in MEMS Devices

Rebholz, C.

Fabrication and Characterization of Nanoscale Heating Sources (“Nanoheaters”) for Nanomanufacturing