Index of Authors

Rastogi, S.

Homogeneous Bioluminescence Resonant Energy Transfer On High Density Array Imaging Chip

Rastogi, S.K.

Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nano-particle for Optical Bio-detection

Polysilicon Nano-wires Based Nano-device on Silicon Chip: Fabrication and its Application

Ultra-sensitive Electrochemical Detection of E. coli Using Nano-porous Alumina Membrane

Amperometric Detection of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B in milk using Magnetic Bead-Based Immunoassay on Disposable Screen Printed Carbon Electrode Strip

Fluorescent Silica Nano-Particles and Magnetic Bead Based Immunoassay: an Optical Tool for Detection of Staphylococcal enterotoxin B in Milk for High-Throughput Screening

Water Soluble Peroxyoamid Reagent: Evalulation for Fluorescent Silica Nano-Particles Chemilumineacence

Fluorescence Based Specific PNA-DNA Binding Characterization on nano-FET DNA Device Surface

One Pot vs Two Steps Synthesis of Fluorescent Gold Nanoparticles and Capping with Thiolated Organic Linker

Silica coated Magnetic Nanoparticles (SMNPs): Capture and Identification of Escherichia coli Cells using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Raston, C.L.

Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles Using Spinning Disc Processing

Transforming nano-science to nano-technology: Manipulating the size, shape, surface morphology, agglomeration, phases and defects of silver nano-particles under continuous flow conditions

Process Intensification Strategies for the Synthesis of Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles and Fabrication of Nano-Hybrid

Ratel, D.

Specific device for cells sampling

Ratera, I.

2D Engineering of Protein-Based Nanoparticles for cell guidance

Rathod, P.K.

A Demonstration of High-throughput Immunoassay and Small Molecule Binding on Protein Microarrays with SPR Microscopy

Rathor, M.

Model Implementation for Accurate Variation Estimation of Analog Parameters in Advanced SOI Technologies

Rathousky, J.

Ordered mesoporous films of TiO2 as highly efficient photocatalysts for clean environment

Highly conducting nanosized monodispersed antimony-doped tin oxide particles synthesized via nonaqueous sol-gel method

Tribological studies of conventional microcrystalline and engineered near-nanocrystalline WC-17Co HVOF coatings