Index of Authors

Ryhanen, T.

Static Equivalent Circuit Model for a Capacitive MEMS RF Switch

Rylander, N.

Optimal Design of Laser Surgery for Cancer Treatment Through Nanoshell-Mediated Hyperthermia Therapy

Ryles, R.

Si-Based Process Aware SPICE Models for Statistical Circuit Analysis

Ryoo, D.

A Fiber-Optic Biosensor Based on Monooxygenases and Sol–Gel Entrapped Fluoresceinamine for Trichloroethene and Tetrachloroethene

Simultaneous Determination of Heavy Metals Using Array Based Optical Chemical Sensor

Ryssel, H.

Simulation of the Production of Functional Layers for Vibration Sensors for Tool State Monitoring and Finite Element Analysis of Mechanical Characteristics

Ryu, B-H

First-Principles Studies of SnS2 Nanotubes

Ryu, G.Y.

Characteristics of co-doped device with hole and electron transport material

Ryu, H.

A new method for vertical growth of silicon nanowire in the vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) process

Ryu, J.

Optimization of preparation conditions for size-controlled solid lipid nanoparticles

Ryu, S.-Y.

Preparation and Characterization of Nafion/Microporous Titanosilicate Composite Membranes as Ion-Conducting Materials

Ag-TiO2 Coated Polyurethane Composite Nanofiber Web for Application in the Protection against Chemical and Biological Warfare Agent

Ryu, Y.

Boolean Networks (BN) Based Molecular Biology Modeling: Protein Process

Systems Biology Conceptual Modeling by Means of Discrete-event Simulation (DNA-RNA-Protein)

Rzhevskii, A.

Raman Imaging for Characterization of Novel Multi-Layer Solid Dosage Forms

Rzigalinski, B.A.

Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Protect Against MPTP-Induced Dopaminergic Neurodegeneration in a Mouse Model for Parkinson’s Disease

R’Mili, B.

New Evidence Towards the Release of Airborne Carbon Nanotubes when Burning Nanocomposite Polymers