Index of Authors

Picard, G.

Photonic crystals with nanocelulose

Smectic structure of Nano Crystalline Cellulose Established by Large-Scale Parallel Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Piccinini, G.

Nanolab System for Nanoelectronics and Sensors

Piccinini, M.

Characterization of Aluminum Nitride Nanostructures by XANES and FTIR Spectroscopies with Synchrotron Radiation

Piccirillo, L.

Characterization of an ultra high aspect ratio electron beam resist for nano-lithography

Pichler, P.

Merging Atomistic and Continuum Simulations of Silicon Technology - The Best from the Two Worlds

Pichugova, S.V.

Assessment of comparative toxicity of nano- and microparticles of magnetite

Pico, F.

3D Nanostructured Silicon Relying on Hard Mask Engineering for High Temperature Annealing (HME-HTA) Processes for Electronic Devices

Picollet-d’Hahan, N.

Highly passivated silicon chips with micron aperture for the pA measurements of single ion channels

Picos-Corrales, L.A.

Stimuli-responsive nanogels by e-beam irradiation of dilute aqueous micellar solutions: Nanogels with pH controlled LCST

Picraux, T.

Superhydrophobic Nanowire Surfaces for Drop Movement Using Magnetic Fields

Picu, R.C.

Atomic-Level Description of Stress in Dense Polymeric Systems

Enhanced Structure at the Interface Between the Polymer Matrix and Spherical Nanoparticles in Polymer Based Nanocomposites

Pidaparti, R.

MEMS Biofluidic Device Concept Based on a Supramolecular Motor

Pidaparti, R.M.

Modeling Particle Hydrodynamic Transport in an Idealized Nanoscale Bio-Motor

Design and Simulations of a Microfluidic Pump with Multiple Vibrating Membranes

Nanocomposites based on Self-assembly of Collagen with DNA

Design Simulations of a Micropump with Multiple Actuating Mechanisms

Piechotka, E.

A Rapid Prototyping and Mass-Production Platform of Microfluidic Devices

Piekarski, B.H.

Modeling 3-D Fluid Flow for a MEMS Laminar Proportional Amplifier