Index of Authors

Perlich, J.

Correlated roughness in polymer film containing magnetic nanoparticles

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Modelling of Processes of Photoacoustic Diagnostic with Piezoelectric Detection

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The Photocycle Movie of Photoactive Yellow Protein from Nanoseconds to Seconds

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Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering by 2D Photonic Crystals: Enhancement and Reproducibility

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Electrochemical Storage of Hydrogen in Carbon Nanotubes

Desorption of Surfactant and Sintering of Surface Modified PdxNi1-x Nanoparticles

Field Emission of Nanostructured AlQ3 Amorphous Film and the Heat Treatment Effect

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Visible Light Emission from Si-related Nanostructures and the Effect of Ambient Atmosphere on Photoluminescence

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Compositional Inhomogeneity of Pd70Ag30 Alloy Nanoparticles

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Nanostructuration of sol-gel thin films

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An Electrothermal Solution of the Heat Equation for MMICs Based on the 2-D Fourier Series

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Accommodation coefficient investigation in rectangular micro-channels for large Knudsen number range

Perrier, S.

pH-responsive self assemblies for "smart surface coatings"

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Voxel-Based Heterogeneous Geometric Modeling for Surface Micromachined MEMS

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Wavelet Transform Image Compression Prototype

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Wafer-Level High Density Multifunctional Integration (HDMI) for Low-Cost Micro/Nano/Electro-Opto/Bio Heterogeneous Systems

Persson, C.

Growth, Electrical and Optical Properties of SnO2:F on ZnO , Si and Porous Si Structure

Growth, Optical Characterization and Modelling of ZnO Nanorods on Si, SiC and Macroporous Si Structure

Perumal, J.

Fabrication and Application in Microfluidics of Novel Transparent Preceramic Polymer Derived Glass Microcannels and Substrates

Perzynski, R.

Controlled Co-Assembly of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles and Polymers: Towards the Generation of Highly Persistent Superparamagnetic Nanorods