Index of Authors

Pearson, R.

Controlling pH responsive polymersome assembly

Pease III, L.F.

Electrohydrodynamic Patterning of Thin Polymer Film

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Controlled Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes Wrapped in Amphiphilic Block Copolymers: Elaboration of Polymer Nanocomposite

Pecht, M.

Virtual Component Qualification

Rapid Reliability Assessment Using CADMP-II

Pedeferri, M.

Development of a New Treatment to Induce Anatase Growth on Ti

Evaluation of PCM-cardboard composite materials in dynamic thermal conditions

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Photoactivity of nitrogen-doped anodic TiO2 under UV and VIS light irradiation

Pedeferri, MP.

Effect of thermal treatments on the structure of photoactive titanium oxides

Morphological variations on titanium by AC anodizing

Rhodamine B degradation efficiency of differently annealed titanium dioxide nanotubes

An experimental and theoretical study of the inhibition mechanism of organic substances in concrete

A comparative study over the photocatalytic activity of nanostructured TiO2 layers for air purifiers

TiO2-based photocatalytic and antimicrobial coatings: comparison between sol-gel and electrodeposited silver/TiO2 nano-composites

C-AFM as a means to identify heterogeneities at the nanoscale in thin anodic TiO2 films

Self-cleaning ability and cooling effect of TiO2-containing mortars

Pedersen, C.B.W.

Compliant Force Amplifier Mechanisms for Surface Micromachined Resonant Accelerometers

Pedersen, C.M.

Low-Cost Nano-Manufacturing of Surface Acoustic Wave Devices by Use of Jet & Flash Nano Imprint Lithography

Pedersen, J.

Catalyst-Free, High-Speed Synthesis of ZnO Nanostructures

Pedersen, N.L.

On Design of a Backplate Used in a Hearing Aid