Index of Authors

Paul, A.

Nanoparticles co-encapsulating hVEGF and hAng-1 can induce mitotic and antiapoptotic effect on vascular endothelial cells

PEG Incorporated Polymeric Microcapsules for Intramyocardial Delivery of Stem Cells Genetically Modified by Baculovirus

Paul, B.C.

A Compact Model of Ballistic CNFET for Circuit Simulation

A Circuit Compatible Analytical Device Model for Nanowire FET Considering Ballistic and Drift-Diffusion Transport

Paul, D.

Individual SiGe Nanowire Chemical Composition Depth Profiling and Surface Oxidation Analyzed by Auger Electron Spectroscopy

Paul, D.R.

Thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites: effect of organoclay structure and hard segment concentration on morphology and properties

Polymer Nanocomposites from Functionalized Polyolefins

Paul, M.

Effect of swift heavy ion on CdS quantum dots embedded in PVA matrix and their applications

Paul, R.

Development of Thermodynamic Methods for the study of Nanopores

Electrical Potential Distribution in Nanopores

Modification of photoluminescence characteristics of single wall carbon nanotubes by ZnS intercalation

Violet-Blue Emission From TiO2/SWCNT Hybrid Structure Synthesized by a Simple Chemical Route

Visible Photoluminescence Emission from Chemically Synthesized MWCNT/TiO2 Hybrid Nanostructure

Paul, R.L.

Current Development Studies of a Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Reference Material At National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Paul Wang, H.

Decomposition of Methanol Catalyzed by Cu-ZnO@C

Paulson, D.J.

Nanofiltration: High Potential, Highly Misunderstood

Paulsson, M.

Molecular Conductors: Paradigms and Possibilities

Paulus, A.

Subcellular fractionation in a fluidic microsystem

Pavan, P.

A New Compact Model of Floating Gate Non-Volatile Memory Cells

A New Analytical Model of Channel Hot Electron (CHE) and CHannel Initiated Secondary ELectron (CHISEL) Current Suitable for Compact Modeling