Index of Authors

Pathak, Y.V.

Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutical Education In USA

Graduate Programs on Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pati, S.K.

Tailoring Molecular Devices for its Electronic Properties

Patil, A.V.

Polymer coated Carbon Nanotube probes for Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

Patil, G.C.

Underlap Channel Nanoscale Dopant Segregated Schottky Barrier SOI MOSFET for Low Power Mixed Signal Circuits

Suppression of Variability in Metal Source/Drain SOI MOSFET with Partial Buried Oxide and δ-doping

Patil, L.A.

Ultrasonically sprayed nanostructured SnO2 thin films for highly sensitive hydrogen sensing

Synthesis of nanocrystalline ZnO powder using ultrasonic atomization technique and application of its thick films for highly toxic gases

Patil, M.B.

Simulation Study of Non-Quasi Static Behaviour of MOS Transistors

Parameter Extraction for Advanced MOSFET Model using Particle Swarm Optimization

Closed Form Current and Conductance Model for Symmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs using Field-dependent Mobility and Body Doping

Patil, R.

Polymalic acid-based nanodrugs: Anti-tumor efficacy and host compatibility

Molecular Changes in Rat Brain Due to Air Nano Pollution

Patlolla, A.

ZnO:Polydiacetylene Films as Chromatic Sensors

Patnaik, R.

Nanowired Mesenchymal Stem cells ameliorate brain pathology exacerbated by diabetes in hyperthermia

TiO2-Nanowired cerebrolysin attenuated hyperthermia induced ubiquitin overexpression and brain pathology

Nano Drug delivery by Single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) in the Central nervous system induces neurotoxicity. Potential neuroprotective effects of Cerebrolysin

Patolsky, F.

Individual SiGe Nanowire Chemical Composition Depth Profiling and Surface Oxidation Analyzed by Auger Electron Spectroscopy

Patra, C.R.

Protein can act as unique template to assemble gold nanoparticles in a linear fashion

Patra, P.K.

Soft Structured Piezoresistive Sensors by Inkjet Printing