Index of Authors

Park, S.Y.

The effect of nanoparticles on the translucency and antimicrobial activities of experimental resin cements

Park, T.G.

Sirna Nanomedicines for Cancer Gene Therapy

Park, W-W

Microstructures and Electrochemical Properties of Rapidly-solidified Si-Mn-Cr alloys

Park, W.J.

Vertically Grown Coaxial Double Gate Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors for Tera Level Integration

Park, WT.

High Sensitivity Dielectric Filled Lamé Mode Resonator for Chemical and Biological Applications

Park, Y-B.

In Vitro Diagnosis and Analysis of the Potential Effects of Carbon Nanotube Exposure on the Human Respiratory System

Park, Y-H

Quantitative Synchrotron Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering and Reflectivity Analysis of Nano-structures and Patterns Supported with Substrates

Park, Y-W.

A Controller Design for SEPIC in a Fuel Cell Battery

Park, Y.

Optical Characteristics of InAs Quantum Dots influenced by AlGaAs/GaAs Superlattice Barriers

Intelligent Digital 3-Axis IMU for Automotive and Robotic Applications

Computer Aided Design and Optimization of Integrated Circuits with RF MEMS Devices by an ANN Based Macro-Modeling Approach

Park, Y.-G.

Nanostructural Changes in Surface of Stainless Steel Archwires Combined with Orthodontic Conventional and Self-Ligating Brackets

Park, Y.-W.

Analysis of low temperature effects on the performance of SEPIC in a fuel cell system

Park, Y.B.

Texture and Grain Growth in Nanocrystalline Permalloy

Park, Y.H.

Coupled Substrate-resonator-electrostatic Simulation and Validation fo High-Q MEMS Resonator Performance

Park, Y.J.

CNTs-Insulator- Semiconductor System for Chemical and Biological Sensor Applications

CNT-Array Integrated SoC for Biological Sensor Applications

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Network based Biosensors using Aptamers and its Characteristics

Construction of a Compact Modeling Platform and Its Application to the Development of Multi-Gate MOSFET Models for Circuit Simulation

Thin film solar cell based on microcrystalline nanostructure silicon grown in low temperature condition