Index of Authors

Park, S.

Simple Fabrication of Hierarchical Structures on a Polymer Surface

Influence of resist composition on demolding force in UV nanoimprint lithography

Nanofluidic Channel Based Single Molecular Sensors in Polymer Substrate Fabricated by Novel Nanoimprinting Processes

Microfluidic Neural Cell Chip for Monitoring of PCBs

Indium Phosphide : Cadmium Free Quantum Dots for Cancer Imaging and Therapy

Uncoil long DNA molecules in nanoposts array

Multifunctional Micropatterned Nanofiber Capable of Cell Patterning, Metabolite Detection, and Growth Factor Delivery

Park, S.-G.

Characterization of Nanaoporous Low-Dielectric Constant SiCOH Films using Organosilane Precursor

Park, S.-H.

Fabrication of ZnO hybrid structures and light emitting diode applications

Determination of micro-structural properties with x-ray absorption fine structure

Hollow core-shell structured mesoporous MWCNT/carbon nanofiber composites by electrospinning and silica template as counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells

Park, S.H.

Simultaneous Determination of Heavy Metals Using Array Based Optical Chemical Sensor

Nanoaerosol release characteristics of wallpaper coated with TiO2 nanoparticles in an air-jet simulated test chamber

Park, S.J.

Surface modification of Cp-Titanium by Plasma polymerization of acrylic acid

Mechanical Properties of Nano-Structure Controlled Ti-Hf Alloy for Dental Implant

Effects of Zr Content on the Electrochemical Characteristics of Nano-Structure Controlled Ti-alloys

Design & Fabrication of Ceramic Microarrays Using Powder Injection Molding

Densification and Grain Growth During the Sintering of Nanoscale SiC

Ceramic Microarrays for Aggressive Environments

Park, S.Y.

Simultaneous Determination of Heavy Metals Using Array Based Optical Chemical Sensor