Index of Authors

Paciotti, G.F.

Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles: A Versatile Platform for Developing Tumor Targeted Cancer Therapies

Packan, P.

Halo Doping: Physical Effects and Compact Modeling

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Sample Preparation by On-Chip Dielectrophoretic Separation and Concentration of Viable, Non-Viable and Viable but Not Culturable (VBNC) Escherichia coli

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Ultrasound-driven viscous streaming, modelled via momentum injection

Packirisamy, M.

Modelling of Torsional Micromirrors with Springs made of Multiple Rotational Serpentine Elements

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Characterization of Catalyst Effect on Carbon Nanopearls

Padaki, M.

Composite Membranes for Environmental Applications

Paddison, S.

PEM Fuel Cells

Paddison, S.J.

Molecular Modeling of Proton Conduction in Polymer Electrolyte Membranes of Nafion® Type

Development of Thermodynamic Methods for the study of Nanopores

Ab-initio Molecular Dynamics of CH3OH at the H2O/Pt interface

Electrical Potential Distribution in Nanopores

Paddock, L.C.

A New Environmental Accountability System for the Nanotechnology Industry

Padgett, H.C.

Coin-Shaped Reactor in Microfluidic Devices Used for Radiopharmaceutical Synthesis

Padmanabhan, B.

The role of Electromechanical coupling in AlGaN/AlN/GaN HEMTs

Current Degradation due to electromechanical coupling in GaN HEMT’s

Padmaraj, D.

Dielectrophoresis and Comsol Simulation of Cell Entrapment At Electrodes

BioMEMS for Mitochondriaa Medicine

Padmaraj, O.

Electrical conductivity studies of ZnO dispersed PVdF-HFP nanocomposite solid polymer electrolyte for Lithium batteries

Padovani, A.

Modeling Strategies for Flash Memory Devices