Index of Authors

Panchapakesan, B.

Photomechanical Response in Graphene Nanoplatelet Composites

Mechanical Properties of Reduced Graphene Polymer Composites

Photoconductivity of Reduced Graphene Films

Panchenko, V.Y.

Hybrid Nanoparticles Targeted by Antitumor Antibodies and Emitting Alpha-particles

Pande, R.

Dielectrophoresis and Comsol Simulation of Cell Entrapment At Electrodes

Pandey, A.

Kinetics in two Phase-Observe Interaction and Identify the Binding Parameters

Effect of nanomeric structured micelles on metabolic kinetic study of two CNS drugs

Pandey, R.R.

Hybrid Nanomaterials for Active Electronics and Bio-Nanotechnology

Electronic Structure and Transport in Biological Inorganic Hybrid Materials

Pandey, S.M.

Unified Regional Charge-based Versus Surface-potential-based Compact Modeling Approaches

One-Iteration Parameter Extraction for Length/width-dependent Threshold Voltage and Unified Drain Current Model

Unified Regional Charge-based MOSFET Model Calibration

Scalable MOSFET Short-channel Charge Model in All Regions

Pandis, Ch.

Thermal and Electrical Characterization of Polypropylene/Carbon Nanotubes Nanocomposites

Thermal and Electrical Properties of Polyamide/Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Nanocomposites

Pandiyan, J.

Low Cost Vibration Measuring Device Using MEMS Accelerometer

Pandya, D.K.

Magnetic properties of Sputter deposited and magnetically annealed IrMn/CoFeB nanometric bilayers for exchange biased magnetic tunnel junctions

Growth and investigations on Fe/MgO/Fe magnetic tunnel junctions fabricated by dual ion beam sputtering technique

Structural and magnetic Properties of electrochemically grown Co-Fe and Ni-Fe alloy nanowire arrays

Growth of improved ultrathin pristine SnO2 films by electric field modified spray pyrolysis technique