Index of Authors

Ponomarenko, S.A.

Dendritic Oligoarilsilanes as Effective Nanostructured Luminophores for Spectral Shifters and Plastic Scintillators

Ponsinet, V.

Plasmonic nanoparticles ordered in self-assembled materials

Poo-arporn, Y.

The effect of promoters on reduction of Ru/ZrO2/Co/SiO2 catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis as studied by in situ XANES.

Poocharoen, P.

1/f Noise and RTS(Random Telegraph Signal) Errors in Comparators and Sense Amplifiers

Pookboonmee, S.

Synthesis of Magnetically Separable Photocatalyst-TiO2/SiO2 coated Mn-Zn Ferrite-and its Photocatalytic study

Preparation of Ag/TiO2/bamboo charcoal composite based on chemical and electrochemical synthesis: characterization and antibacterial study

Poole, N.

Power consumption of microelectronic equipment for wireless sensor networks

Poon, W.C.K.

The bijel: a bicontinuous interfacially jammed emulsion gel

Popa, A.M.

Surface Nanostructuration: from coatings to MEMS fabrication

Stimuli-Responsive Polymers in bioMEMS Devices

Popa, C.

High Accuracy Exponential Function Generator for Analog Signal Processing

Popa, D.O.

Computationally Efficient Dynamic Modeling of MEMS

Dynamic Modeling and Input Shaping for MEMS

Popa, M.

Photocatalytic Activity Assessment of Some Transition Metal Doped

Popa-Simil, I.L.

Multiband THz detection and imaging devices

Popa-Simil, L.

Nano hetero nuclear fuel structure

Micro and nano flow usage in future nuclear reactors

Nano-Hetero Structure for direct energy conversion

Nano-structures materials for Energy Direct Conversion and Fuel Breeding

Multiband THz detection and imaging devices