Index of Authors

Pitters, J.L.

Understanding Charge Dynamics in Silicon Dangling Bond Structures for Nanoscale Devices

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nanometric thinfilm sensor

Sensor for real-time monitoring of food degradation

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New sample injection methods for chip electrophoresis

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Magnetically Controlled Valve for Flow Manipulation in Polymeric Microfluidic Devices

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Structural and Electronic Properties of Quantum Dot Surfaces

Structural and Electronic Properties of Quantum Dot Surfaces

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Behavior of Living Human Neural Networks on Microelectrode Array Support

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Low molecular weight heparin-vectorized _-cyclodextrin nanostructures

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Control of the morphology of nanoparticles resulting from the dynamic optimization of a fed-batch emulsion copolymerization process

Immobilization of AgZnO photocatalyst in Poly(acrylic acid) matrix and their photocatalytic activity evaluation

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Thermo-plasmonics in self-organized materials

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Highly passivated silicon chips with micron aperture for the pA measurements of single ion channels

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