Index of Authors

Pisano, A.P.

Silver Precipitation in Energy-Scavenging Aluminum Nitride Resonators

Piscopo, I.

Fabrication of size-tunable gold nanoparticles using plasmid DNA as a biomolecular reactor

Piseri, P.

Batch Fabrication of Microsensor Arrays by TiO2 Nanoparticle Beam Deposition

Integrated Gas-Phase Manufacturing of Nanostructured Particulate Films

Gas Sensor Arrays by Supersonic Cluster Beam Deposition

Cluster assembled nanostructured TiO2 film mediates efficient and safe retroviral gene transduction in primary adult human melanocytes for ex-vivo gene therapy

Pishuk, V.K.

Some Properties of Electro-Deposited Fullerene Coatings

Pisignano, D.

Micropatterned Laminin-1 Matrices

Pisignano , D.

Characterization of a Tethering System for Biosensor Applications

Pisitkun, T.

Graphene/polyaniline nanocomposite modified electrode for biosensors

Pissis, P.

Thermal and Electrical Characterization of Polypropylene/Carbon Nanotubes Nanocomposites

Thermal and Electrical Properties of Polyamide/Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Nanocomposites

Pister, K.

New Numerical Techniques and Tools in SUGAR for 3D MEMS Simulation

Pister, K.S.J.

Nodal Analysis for MEMS Design Using SUGAR v0.5

3D MEMS Design via Matlab Interactive Plots

Modified Nodal Analysis for MEMS with Multi-Energy Domains

GEMS: A Revolutionary System for Environmental Monitoring

Pitera, J.W.

Computer modeling of water and salt transport in RO membrane active layers

Pitt, A.

Creation of Protein Nanoarrays using Dip-Pen Nanolithography

Pitt, D.W.

Approaches to surface-functionalised materials for biomedical applications