Index of Authors

Pillai, V.K.

Effect of Particle Morphology and Content on the Properties of Palladium/Polycarbonate Nanocomposites

Pillay, S.

A Novel Pulsed High-density Plasma Process for Nanoparticle Synthesis

Pillay, V.

An Intracranial Neurocompatible Nanocomposite Polymeric Device for the Chronic Management of AIDS Dementia Complex

Pillet, E.

A Multiscale Model of Micro Cantilever Arrays

Pilloud, O.

Correlated Noise Modeling and Simulation

Pilotek, S.

Converting of Nanoparticles in Industrial Product Formulations: Unfolding the Innovation Potential

Dispersing Nanoparticles – The Key to Application

Oxylink™: Improved resistance for water borne coatings

Pilvi, T.

ALD for sustainable future – building a cleaner world from sub-nanometer level

Picosun SUNALE™ ALD process tools for nanoscale coatings – seamless transition from R&D to industrial production

Pimparkar, N.

Theoretical Model for the Nanobundle Network Transistors Below and Above Percolation Limit

Pimpha, N.

Synthesis and Characterization of Anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody-conjugated Magnetic Poly (glycidyl methacrylate) Particles and their Application on CD4+ Lymphocyte Separation

Pincet, F.

Johnson-Kendall-Roberts Theory Applied to Living Cells

Pindera, M.Z.

A Computational Framework for Modeling One-Dimensional, Sub-Grid Components and Phenomena in Multi-Dimensional Micro-Systems

Pineda-Villanueva, E.

Synthesis of nanocrystalline (Zn1-xCox)Al2O4 solid solution: structural and optical properties

Pinho, F.T.

High Deborah number flows through 3D contractions at the microscale

Pini, M.

Life Cycle Assessment of a Nano TiO2 Coating Self-Cleaning Float Glass

Pino, R.

Modeling Small MOSFETs using Ensemble Devices

Pinque, P.

Seeing the invisible - ultrasonic force microscopy for true subsurface elastic imaging of semiconductor nanostructures with nanoscale resolution.

Pinsky, P.M.

A Novel Method to Utilize Existing TCAD Tools to Build Accurate Geometry Required for MEMS Simulation