Index of Authors

Ozen, G.

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Effects of Solvents on Dissolution of Photoresist in Parylene Microchannels

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Flexible Organic-Inorganic Core-Shell Nanofibers by Electrospinning and Atomic Layer Deposition

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Finite Element Modeling of MEMS Piezoelectric Energy Harvester

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Modeling and Optimal Design of High Sensitivity Piezoresistive Microcantilevers for Biosensing Applications

Electric Field Induced Self Assembly of Polymer Structures

Guided Neurite Growth on Patterned Carbon Nanotubes

Hybrid Nanomaterials for Active Electronics and Bio-Nanotechnology

Directed Self-Assembly of Virus-Based Hybrid Nanostructures

Bio-assembly of Nanoparticles for Device Applications

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Guided Neurite Growth on Patterned Carbon Nanotubes

Bio-assembly of Nanoparticles for Device Applications

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Enhanced Structure at the Interface Between the Polymer Matrix and Spherical Nanoparticles in Polymer Based Nanocomposites

Ozoemena, K.I.

MWCNTs/metal oxide nanocomposite as potential material for supercapacitors application in acidic and neutral media

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Centimetre-Long Carbon Nanotubes from Ethanol Decomposition

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A Novel Synthesis of Co@Au Nanoparticles and Characterization

Synthesis of Polymer-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles

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Through the Nano-Needle’s Eye: Models, Examples, and a Template for the Successful Transition from R&D to Commercialization

O\'Keeffe, J.T.

Hybrid MD-PNP Simulations of the Alpha-Hemolysin Open Ion Currents