Index of Authors

Oron, R.

Nanotechnology Based Optical Power Control Devices

Orozco, E.

Synthesis of Nanostructures from Carbides Sheets

Orsinger, G.V.

Drug Delivery with Light-Activated Gold-Coated Liposomes

Gold-Coated Liposomes Encapsulating Signaling Molecules for Initiating Cellular Communication

Ortelli, S.

Green synthesis of noble metal and bimetal nanosols and their applications as catalysts

Ortí, E.

Stable Light Emiting Electrochemical Cells Based in Supramolecular Interactions

Ortíz, E.

Study of the ferroelectric properties for PVDF using DFT Theory

Ortiz, E.

Ozonolysis of Indigo: A ab initio study

Density Functional Theory calculations of the ferroelectric poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) and poly(vinylidene fluoride-chlorotrifluoroethylene) copolymers

Molar variation of water: alkoxy in the preparation of SiO2-DA materials and its effect on dopamine release from an implantable reservoir in the brain

Heterogeneous Catalyzed Oxidative Degradation of Indigo: A Theoretical and Experimental Study

Ortíz, E.

Interaction between Volatile Organic Compounds and Functional Monomers in Molecularly Imprinted Materials

Ortiz, E.

Copper complexes loaded on nanostructured TiO2 materials as citotoxic agents of cancer cells

Ortiz, G.

Tunneling Spectrum of Single-Spin Oscillations

Ortiz, V.H.

Finite Element Method and Genetic Algorithm for Analysis MEMS

Ortiz-Conde, A.

Analytic Solution for the Drain Current of Undoped Symmetric Dual-Gate MOSFET

A Unified View of Drain Current Models for Undoped Double-Gate SOI MOSFETs

A Computationally Efficient Method for Evaluating Distortion in DG MOSFETs

Ortiz-Islas, E.

Nanosized titania reservoirs for epilepsy treatment

Cu/TiO2-SiO2 Nanostructured Materials for Brain Cancer Treatment